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We help socially and environmentally responsible businesses grow organically through our referral network.

By providing qualified contacts, we help business partners achieve a win-win situation for all parties through technology.

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What is Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is one of the most effective strategies for customers and advocates to refer their networks to businesses. Most often, people refer their family, relatives and friends to such companies because they trust and believe in them.

Why People Trust Elyon

We believe in people

Whether you are unemployed, in job transition, retired or a person with disability (PwD), you can join us as a Referral Agent. We are here to teach you how to reach out to your friends, relatives, colleagues when they are in need of products and services.

We support socially and environmentally responsible businesses

Whether you are a fresh startup or established business, as long as you are a business owner who is committed to delight your customers in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, we are here to help you grow as Business Partner and open doors to new opportunities.

We work hard to maintain trust

We work closely with each Referral Agent and Partner to ensure trust in our network. Elyon is committed in ensuring our leads, products and services are of high quality in order for all parties to benefit together.

We create personal growth opportunities

Referral Agents, especially PwDs who are on the lookout for permanent jobs, can learn to get involved in the selling process. We hope that the experience gained through our network will help you bridge the employment gap and prepare for your future career.

Business owners, we encourage you to adopt inclusive hiring practices and provide employment or internship opportunities, where possible, to PwDs. They are a pool of untapped resources who can contribute positively to your business' bottom line.


Elyon Solutions

In this VUCA world, businesses today are at greater risk for disruption than ever before. We have consultants who possess deep experience who can help you clarify the vision, chart out the path and transform your business for future growth.


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Business Planning

We faciliate the planning process for companies to clarify their vision, develop strategies and identify desired outcomes.

Project Management

We plan, execute and manage projects to achieve companies' vision, strategies and desired outcomes.

Digital Marketing

We develop SEO strategies and use digital channels to raise brand awareness and connect businesses with their audiences.

Content Writing

We write, translate and publish digital content on websites and applications, moving audiences to take action.

App / ChatBot Development

We develop engaging and innovative applications: native, web and hybrid for mobile devices to interact with audiences.

Web Management

We create, maintain and ensure websites remain professional, secure and trusted spaces to do online business.



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