Organisations as Clans

Have you ever worked for a small company where your co-workers felt more like family, and your work environment was based on trust? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to work in a place like that? Clan control refers to the values and beliefs of an organization that operates more like a family than a company.

In clan control, high-level management is seen as mentors rather than bosses. There are very few rules and policies put in place by the organization because it relies mostly on the trust of its employees. The company will have a strong focus on teamwork and a consensus of its employees.

Clan control has an open line of communication throughout the organization and allows employees to communicate with anyone in the organization. The definition of a clan is a family with the same common interests. A clan company includes the managers as the mentors who are there to nurture employees to perform. A disadvantage is that some employees may take advantage of the lack of structure and not perform at their full capacity.


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